With the right keywords and knowledge of how ads work, plumbers can get themselves some clients without doing any marketing or outreach. They just need to set up their Google Ads account and start bidding on keywords they know people would search for when looking for a plumber. A good rule of thumb is £5-10 per day in bids if you're new to Google Ads. We run Google Ads for plumbers but suggest a minimum of £25/day.

The plumbing industry has been evolving rapidly in recent years, and it isn't just about how the pipes get from Point A to Point B. The whole world of plumbing is changing, but there's one thing that hasn't changed: homeowners always need a plumber when something goes wrong with their pipes. And the best way to find those plumbers? Google Ads!

There are a range of things you can do to ensure success when using Google Ads for your plumbing business – choose keywords wisely and set up your account correctly.

  1. What is Google Ads and how does it work

  2. How to choose keywords for your plumbing company

  3. The benefits of using Google Ads for plumbing companies

  4. Why you should use Google Ads instead of other advertising methods like print ads, TV commercials, or billboards

  5. The future prospects of Google Ads in the plumbing industry

Google ads for plumbers

What is Google Ads and how does it work?

Google Ads, or advertising on Google's sponsored ad platform, is an important tool for any business. It's especially crucial for plumbing companies that are looking to secure clients without spending a fortune on marketing campaigns. When you're just starting out in your plumbing business, it might be difficult to know exactly where to start. The good news is that you can get started right away with Google Ads if you have a few basics down, like the value of keywords and knowing how to upload your account correctly.

As soon as you register for an Ads account, you'll be able to set up your first campaign. There are three types of advertising campaigns: text ads (search), display ads (image and video), and shopping ads (showing in the Google Shopping section when people search for products). If you have a service-based business, it's not necessary to use display ads.

The entire process of advertising with Google Ads is rather straightforward—for the most part. You can target your ideal audience by picking keywords that are relevant to your industry. In order to do this effectively and efficiently, you'll need some expertise on how search engine algorithms work and what kinds of key words best suit your company's services or products. Keywords will bring traffic to your campaigns and getting them right is crucial if you're looking to succeed with Google Ads for plumbing companies.

How to choose keywords for your plumbing company

Choosing the right keywords for your plumbing company is the most important part of using Google Ads for work. It's also one of the most difficult parts of running a new Google AdWords campaign, so we'll take a step-by-step look at how to do it successfully.

Choose your keywords and add them to your ad groups

Now that you have a single campaign set up, it's time to start targeting potential clients. You can do this by choosing the right keywords for your ads. If you're a plumber looking for new work in a specific city, you could choose a keyword like "plumbers in [your city]." Once you click on this keyword, Google will give you data about its search volume (how often people search for the term). Search volume is an important metric because it helps determine how much traffic each key word will bring into your ad group. Even if there are several hundred people who search for the term every month, if they live in a different city or county, they won't be much good to you. In this case, it's best to go with other keywords that have lower search volume but are more specific and accurate.

You can add all of your chosen keywords to your ad group by clicking on the plus icon and hitting "add," and then checking the relevant box next to each keyword. Once this is done, Google AdWords will automatically match up each relevant key word with its appropriate ad group. The more specific you get with your keyword choices, the better chance you'll have at targeting clients who are actively looking for service-oriented businesses like yours.

Create ads for every keyword in an ad group

This step should go without saying because it's in the name. Create ads for every keyword that you add to an ad group by choosing a headline and writing out your description. You should always strive for compelling copy that gets straight to the point, but also makes people stop and read more.

Know when to pause keywords

One of the most important parts of running Google Ads is knowing when to pause certain keywords so you can either adjust or increase your bids accordingly. When it comes time to decide which keywords are worth keeping around, go through each one individually and check its performance against the average position (how many times it appears on a search engine results page). If you're advertising with specific key words for plumbing businesses in London, it may be best not to spend too much on those that are performing well below the average. To do this, go into every ad group and click on the three dots next to the keyword you want to pause. From there, select "Keyword details" and look at its performance data and costs metrics.

Track your results with conversion tracking

Once you've gotten a few people to click through your ads with key words, it's important to track which ones are converting most often. Though Google Analytics is one of our favourite ways to track conversions, you can also use Google AdWords' own conversion tracking system by pasting a line of code into your website or blog post. This step will help increase your bids on the most successful key words and lower your bids on the ones that aren't doing so well.

Get more phone calls with google ads

The benefits of using Google Ads for plumbing companies

There are many benefits to using Google Ads for plumbing companies. Google Ads will help drive people to the company's website, which is an area where any plumbing company can make money. The ads on Google are paid advertisements, which means they are charged per click. The benefit of this type of charge is that it can be monitored easily. A plumber can track how much money they are spending on advertising with Google Ads and what return on investment they are getting.

The best part about Google Ads is that people often find what they're looking for on the first page of SERPS without even scrolling down. For example, if someone types in "plumbers in London" into the search engine, their client might show up at the top of the page. Because most people do not scroll past the first page, they will most likely click on their client's ad and call them for help. This system is advantageous because it does not require much maintenance or time for monitoring by the plumber.

All in all, Google Ads is one of the best ways to get new business as a plumber. It is free to use if you're willing to adjust your bids from time to time and always monitor what works and what doesn't work to keep advertising costs low. Knowing how clients find your ads helps you determine which keywords should be used in conjunction with other ones that are performing well at lower costs per click.

Why you should use Google Ads instead of other advertising methods like print ads, TV commercials, or billboards

In my opinion, there are many benefits to using Google Ads instead of other advertising methods like print ads, TV commercials, or billboards. In the modern world which is full of information overload, people get lost in the sea of noise coming at them from different directions. When they search for a company on Google and find your ad at the top, you have a high chance of catching their attention and converting them to a client. That's because people often stop scrolling past the first page on Google because most don't want to do any more work than they have to.

The future prospects of Google Ads in the plumbing industry

In the future, Google Ads should only get better for plumbing companies. Google Ads automatically scales to show ads at the top of the SERPS based on relevance and quality scores, so when people search for "plumbers near me," they will see your ads regardless of where they are. It may even be worth it for some businesses to buy keywords in specific post codes or individual cities because Google will show your ad wherever that keyword exists regardless of what region you're in - and if your company is localised, that could help you rank higher for more targeted terms and drive down costs per click. With this change in the way ads work, we're going to see a lot more small-time plumbers challenging bigger companies for their clients.

To Conclude...

Choosing the right keywords is one of the most important decisions you will make in your plumbing business. If you're not sure where to start, don't worry! We've got a marketing team that can run Google ads for you. When deciding what keywords are best for your company, it's important to consider two things:

  • The demographics of who you want as clients (e.g., gender, age group)

  • The context around them using Google so they'll find their ads easily when searching

You should also keep in mind that people often stop scrolling past the first page because they don't want any more work than necessary. This means if someone types "plumbers near me" into Google, they'll likely only see your ad if it appears on the first page. Knowing this can help you choose keywords that will help your ads appear quickly and often, which means more potential clients ready to buy!

We've worked with hundreds of plumbers across the U.K. and know what works and what doesn't. Want us to run your google ads and ensure your budget it being well-spent? Contact us today - Our Experts Can Help!